Deb’s Favorite Quotes


A few favorite quotes from some of my favorite musical artists:

John Mayer was speaking directly to me, I’m sure, when he said ‘I’d like to think the best of me, is still hiding up my sleeve.’

Sara Bareilles lyrics always resonate simply but deeply.

‘You only get what you give out.’  And,

‘As soon as you start to make room for the parts that aren’t you it gets harder to bloom in a garden of love.’

Hanson (yes Hanson!  Sue me!)  ‘If only I had the guts to feel this way.  If only I had the guts to say, I need you.’

Blessed Union of Souls:  ‘The things that we’re afraid of, are gonna show us what we’re made of in the end.’

Third Eye Blind: ‘The four right chords can make me cry.’

Guster:   ‘I try to let the river flow in and out of me.  And pray I float the way I think I want,  And pray I float at all.’

And finally, The Indigo Girls:  ‘The best thing you ever did for me, was to help me take my life less seriously.  It’s only life after all…’

Finally, a sentiment I live by:  ‘Bloom where you’re planted.  Um, or move.’