A Little Bit Married


What happens when domestic bliss isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and cracking up isn’t an option?

From the time she was a girl, Bitsy Beberman had her entire future planned. She would marry after college, move to the suburbs, and have babies. At age 43, with everything in place,  Bitsy’s life should be one of contentment. Instead, Bitsy’s kids are misbehaving in mortifying ways, her husband repeatedly suffers vague “accidents,” her mother-in-law continues to torment her. Worse, every humiliation is being recorded by her seemingly perfect  neighbors and broadcast throughout her seemingly perfect town, reinforcing her fear that her name–Bitsy–aptly describes what her life has become, little bits and nothing significant. A Little Bit Married is the tale of one woman’s struggle to keep the pieces together as her idyllic world falls apart.